Walmart Jobs

Retail giant Walmart, along with being the biggest supermarket chain in the US, is also the worlds largest employer. With jobs available in all kinds of different areas from in store positions through to corporate roles, the diverse nature of Walmarts business operations means that whatever kind of employment you are looking for you can be sure that there is a suitable Walmart job out there to suit you.Walmart jobs offer competitive pay, paid leave and various benefits including an employee discount and share options. If you are thinking of your long term prospects, a job at Walmart can also deliver great opportunities for career progression, either through gaining promotions in a Walmart store up to a managerial position, or by applying for a corporate position in one of the companies various divisions.

Walmart Jobs Openings

Being such a large company there are hundreds of different Walmart jobs positions to choose from. Of course the majority of Walmart employees have in store jobs which in themselves present plenty of options. Jobs within a Walmart store are split into various departments including – checkouts, grocery, provisions, warehouse, optical, pharmacy virtual assistant and several more. During the application process for a Walmart job you can state your preference of department and depending on what job openings are available at the particular store  at the time, the personnel department will try and accommodate your choice.

The key focus of your job, regardless of the department you work in is too provide excellent customer service. Beyond that employees in each department will have their own roles to focus on although you may well be trained up with skills which allow you to work in different departments within the store during busy periods. In store positions also offer good promotion prospects – over two thirds of Walmart management started their careers at the company working in store and there are many initiatives and training programs to support you should you wish to progress through the company.

There is a lot more to Walmart than just working in store however. As the country’s biggest retailer with stores across the country the process of moving stock from depots to store is a huge logistical undertaking. In the United States alone there are over forty regional distribution centres – where stock arrives in bulk, is organised and separated in to consignments, then loaded onto trailers to be distributed to stores.

Logistics is a twenty four hour operation so a job in this area offers flexible working hours where you will be working as part of a team to get the job done. Just like store employees, workers in logistics have resources available to them to help them progress their careers with ‘Logistics Talent Development’ designed to educate employees more about the operation and giving them the skills to help develop their job at Walmart into a long term career.

Driving jobs at Walmart are another avenue to explore. Like everything else at Walmart, the fleet of vehicles is massive, one of the biggest private fleets in the world. If you have experience in driving then Walmart provides you with everything you need to get on with the job – from equipment and maintenance through to excellent pay and benefits.

Walmart Careers

As has already been briefly mentioned above, the employee environment at Walmart encourages and supports staff to progress in their jobs and rise through the ranks. Starting in any entry level position within the company, from a shelf stacker to a warehouse operative – the training and guidance you need to transform your Walmart job into a rewarding career are always available.

There are career opportunities in other areas of the company as well. Corporate careers at Walmart offer jobs in departments as diverse as marketing, finance and online services. Corporate positions are available across the country although the majority of openings are based at Walmart’s HQ in Arkansas. Whether you are looking for fresh challenges in your career or have the relevant qualifications and want get your career started with one of the world’s most successful retailers, a corporate job at Walmart can offer you a challenging and rewarding career.

If you are still at college or you’re a recent graduate and are looking to get your career off the ground, Walmart offers a range of internships for both graduates and undergraduates. Internships are paid positions and will give you valuable insight and experience into the operations of a major company.

Applying for a Walmart Job

The best place to get started if you are ready to apply for a Walmart job is the careers section of Walmart’s website. Here you can browse available job openings and get more detailed information on the qualifications and experience required for the specific job that you are interested in applying for.

You can also apply for jobs directly through the website. In fact this is now the only way to apply for retail positions at Walmart – there are no longer application forms to fill out and mail or hand in at your local store. Instead you must fill out your application and submit it online. Luckily this is a simple and straight forward process, just be sure to fill out the application as completely and as honestly as possible .

The application forms do take a little while to complete properly. If you don’t have internet access at home, or are having technical difficulties filling out your application you can still go to your local Walmart store for assistance. Most stores now have a computer available near the customer service desk where you can fill out an application and there will also be staff on hand to help out if you experience any problems.

Whatever your skills, qualifications, experience and ambitions you can be certain there is an ideal Walmart job or career out there for you.