Verizon Jobs

Verizon is one of the largest broadband and telecommunication companies in America. An expanding company with a total employee count of around a quarter of a million, Verizon job opportunities are diverse and provide fantastic career potential. With such a broad range of business operations, the choice of different Verizon jobs available is almost endless. From call center and customer service work, telecom engineer jobs or corporate roles in areas such as IT or human resources you can be sure that whatever your circumstances and ambitions there is an ideal Verizon Job out there for you.

When exploring Verizon employment you should bear in mind that the company is split into three distinct operating units which specialize in particular areas of the telecommunications business and as such offer different job and career opportunities. These units are Verizon itself, which focuses on services delivered through land lines, Verizon Wireless, which handles mobile telecommunications and finally Verizon Business which provides IT products and a number of managed services to businesses.

Verizon Jobs

Job openings in the main division of Verizon are focused on land line services; namely standard telephone lines and broadband DSL. The company is also expanding its optical fiber lines allowing it to roll out new services such as Voice over IP calls and video services. Like all subsidiaries of Verizon a large number of the employments positions available are focused on customer service and technical support.

Of course running a national telecommunications network is a huge undertaking and away from the offices and call centers there are many job openings available in roles such as field technicians who maintain the network or installation engineers – delivering services to customers homes.

Verizon Wireless Jobs

Verizon Wireless is America’s biggest mobile telecommunications network. Again, like other areas of the company a large element of Verizon Wireless jobs is customer service driven from helping customers find the right cell phone and call package to resolving technical issues.

Mobile telecommunications is big business and is a great area to get involved with if you are interested in the latest tech and gadgets. With 3G services expanding new and improved services are constantly becoming available as well as the new handsets to support the technology such as Android based smart phones. This sector is subject to constant change as software and hardware vendors battle it out for market dominance making it an interesting and constantly evolving area to work in.

Verizon Business Jobs

You might not have heard of Verizon Business – as the name suggests this unit of Verizon delivers services to businesses rather than individual private customers. Never the less Verizon Business is a large operation with over 30,000 employees.

Although delivering top customer service standards is still one of the most important aspects of any Verizon Job, within the business subsidiary services are provided in a more corporate setting – providing bespoke networking packages to large clients and providing the necessary support. The choice of job opportunities in this area are more heavily weighted towards IT than in other areas of the company so if you have IT skills or qualifications then a Verizon Business Job might be the area to best suit your skill set.

Verizon Careers

Whether you are looking for an entry level job that offers real promotion chances, already have a career and are thinking of changing your scenery, or are a college graduate looking to get your career started, Verizon is focused on offering its employees genuine career progression opportunities.

Verizon offers comprehensive support to help kick-start college grads careers. A good way to get a taste of what a Verizon career can offer is to apply for a summer internship which lasts around 12 weeks and will let you experience first hand what it is like to work for the company.

If you already have an idea of which area you want to specialize in then Verizon’s ‘College Hire’ program might be just the thing for you. These programs are paid positions offering competitive salaries and are also focused on providing you with the necessary training and skills to help you in excel in your chosen role. The programs cover areas including finance, marketing and retail and typically last between 18 months and 3 years.


As you might expect from a company which works in communications, Verizon’s job and career applications can be done online and the Verizon careers site provides a comprehensive service. From providing you with general information about what it is like to work at Verizon through to detailed and up to date job listings, the site provides all you need to find and apply for your ideal Verizon job.

The job search page allows you to filter by job category and location, and you can search specifically for internships and graduate positions. The site also features the Verizon ‘Talent Network’ – basically a place where you can submit your details and keep an up to date resume on file. As well as being a good start in registering your interest with Verizon, you will also be kept up to date with new and relevant job positions via email which suit your skills and interests.