Safeway Jobs

Safeway is the third largest supermarket chain in America with almost two thousand stores across the country and an employee count of two hundred thousand. As a profitable company which has remained very successful for decades in a market with fierce competition, Safeway can offer you a job with a competitive wage, flexible shift patterns, a diverse range of different job positions and great career potential.

In times of recession the job market is slow. However Safeway, like other supermarket chains, is not heavily affected by the economic turmoil and haven’t been forced to cut back their workforce. As a result Safeway jobs can provide you with long-term job security. As a company Safeway strongly encourages its employees to strive towards promotion and working their way up the career ladder. Safeway itself says about its jobs “it’s not just about working, it’s about working your way up”. As a large supermarket chain Safeway’s business covers a wide spread of different areas of retailing. As such there are hundreds of different Safeway jobs openings available to suit you – regardless of you prior experience and qualifications.

Job Positions

Whatever Safeway job you are considering applying for, you need to be enthusiastic, friendly, and focused on delivering Safeway shoppers with fantastic levels of customer service. If you are looking to apply for an entry level job in a Safeway store then there are plenty of different roles that can cater to your individual skills and interests. Being a Safeway checker is perhaps the first thing that pops in to your head when you think of Safeway jobs. As a checker you need to be friendly and helpful to customers and be able to work consistently under pressure when the store is busy.

Other Safeway jobs are split into various departments. Working in the grocery department your primary role will be shelf stacking which includes the replenishment and ‘facing up’ of aisles, ensuring products are priced and labelled correctly and deploying POS (position of sale) displays. The warehouse department still involves customer service as you will need to be on the shop floor from time to time, but the majority of your work will be working as part of a team within the warehouse, which will include unloading deliveries, taking it to the relevant area and doing stock inventories.

Safeway also have fresh food counters including meat and fish, deli and bakery. A Safeway counters job will require you to learn specialist knowledge about the products served on your counter as well as working to high levels of food hygiene standards.

Safeway are one of the first supermarket chains in the United States to offer a home delivery service. There are two main job positions available in the home delivery department – delivery driver and personal shopper. As a Safeway delivery driver you will be responsible for delivering several customers shopping during a shift. You main responsibility is to ensure orders are loaded on to your van correctly, delivered during the customers allocated time-slot and being friendly and helpful to customers on their doorstep. As a personal shopper you will pick an individual customers order. If items are not available then you’ll need to choose a substitute item, ensure the goods you pick are in good condition and that fresh items have long expiry dates on them.

Safeway Careers

Safeway is well known for providing great job prospects to it employees and career progression is a major aspect of working for the company. Even starting from an entry level position opportunities are always available for you to start climbing the Safeway career ladder. Safeway operates a renowned internal development scheme and award winning training programs to help you achieve your career goals, every step of the way. In store promotional positions include jobs as department and store managers which provide good salaries, bonuses and benefits.

If you are a recent graduate looking for a internship then once again, Safeway delivers. Undertaking a graduate scheme at Safeway is a great way to kick start your career with a wide variety of positions available across the country, from the company’s corporate headquarters in California to a position with Safeway’s supply chain, logistics center or in manufacturing operations. Programs specializing in the financial, pharmaceutical and operational divisions are also available.

Safeway Job Application

Applying for Safeway jobs is easy and can be done online. At the careers section of the Safeway website you can search for available job positions in your area – either at your nearest Safeway store or at any store within a radius which you can specify. The database will search and bring up all nearby Safeway job openings for you to browse. Once you have found a Safeway job that you are interested in, the next step is to apply.

The online application is very straight forward and provides clear step by step instructions. It is important to fill out the form as fully and as honestly as possible and you should double check your spelling and grammar before submitting the form. You can be certain that a job at Safeway will provide you with a challenging and rewarding career. Good luck!