FedEx Jobs

FedEx (Federal Express) is one of the largest logistics companies in the world, and with operations all over the globe have hundreds of thousands of employees in a diverse range of Fedex jobs and careers. Based in the US, Federal Express has been consistently named as one of the countries best employers providing great pay, benefits and the potential for a challenging and rewarding career.

The size of FedEx along with the broad range of different roles within the company means that wherever you are in the world, and whatever your skills and qualifications you can be sure that there are ideal FedEx jobs out there for you. From driving a FedEx truck locally or nationally, through to office based customer service jobs or corporate careers, the choices presented to you when looking for FedEx jobs are almost limitless.

With such a large selection of FedEx job positions across the world to pick from, it can be difficult to know which job or career would suit you, the skills required and how to apply for the job. Below are details on some of the main job positions available at FedEx. You can apply for FedEx jobs directly through the Federal Express website which provides comprehensive and up to date job listings that can be sorted by category and location.

Fedex Driving Jobs

The sight of a FedEx truck or van on the road is a familiar one and being a courier is one of the most popular FedEx job positions to apply for. As a FedEx courier you will be delivering and collecting packages and documents whilst providing professional and friendly service in this customer facing role. Fedex couriers are paid a very competitive hourly rate which is substantially higher than what you might expect to be paid working in retail, etc.

There are a number of different ways to work in a FedEx job as a courier depending on your local area. For example in large US cities you might turn up to work at the depot and use a FedEx van. In other areas FedEx hires drivers out on contract, with the driver providing their own vehicle.

With these owner/driver schemes you will essentially be given ‘ownership’ of your own route and delivery area within which you can make your own efforts to increase business which benefits both you and FedEx. Driving for FedEx is a great way to enjoy the benefits of a self-employed career with the support of a large company behind you.

Package Handler Jobs

Of course, before packages hit the road on the way to their final destination they have to be sorted and loaded at a FedEx depot. FedEx jobs as a package handler offer flexible working hours and pay a competitive hourly wage. As a package handler you will be responsible for moving and loading/unloading consignments whilst keeping track of parcels, and maintaining a high level of quality assurance.

This kind of FedEx job is ideal if you are looking for a shift pattern to fit around your life and is a good role if you are looking for an additional source of income. Like many FedEx jobs, this job provides good benefits and is a great career advancement opportunity.

Warehouse Jobs

Before FedEx consignments get to the local depots they are loaded and unloaded at warehouses (often but not always near docks or airports). As a warehouse operative you will be part of the team responsible for transporting freight to and from trailers using both manual and motorized equipment (such as forklifts and hand trucks).

Once the consignments are correctly loaded on to the trailers they need to be secured and their documentation checked. This kind of job can be quite hard work physically so you need to be in good health and able to lift and move heavy items for long periods. As with package handler jobs, warehouse jobs at FedEx provide flexible working hours and good hourly pay.

Fedex Job Application

Just like applying for an opening at any large company, it can be tough and sometimes a little overwhelming when filling out an application for FedEx jobs. With such a broad range of different positions available nationally and internationally it can be difficult to pick the ideal FedEx job for you.

Fortunately Federal Express offers an excellent careers website which does a fantastic job of showing you currently available job positions including job descriptions, locations and entry requirements. The site also provides a gateway to the job application process. So rather than have to deal with employment agencies, phone calls and emails, you can go through all the steps of finding and applying for a FedEx job through one website.

You can browse available jobs at the Federal Express careers site at your leisure, but once you find an opening that you are interested in applying for then the first thing you will need to do is create a profile.

Your profile page contains all the typical information you would expect such as your name and contact details, but your profile is also the place where you enter your resume and other information which will be considered during the application process. Therefore your FedEx profile is very important and you should take your time to ensure that you fill it out with as much relevant information as possible and in a professional manner.

Having a profile also brings a few other benefits to aid you in finding the perfect FedEx job. After filling out your profile the website will find and send you a list of all the currently available jobs that match the information and criteria you entered in your profile. If there are no suitable job openings available to you right now, you can choose to be kept up to date with any new positions that open up in the future via email.

Whatever type of FedEx job you are thinking of applying for, be it courier, corporate or anything inbetween, the application process at Federal Express is the same. The company’s selection and recruitment process does vary depending on the level and nature of the job position but as an applicant the procedure is the same for everybody, as outlined above.

Whether you are looking to start working at Federal Express immediately, or are just interested in exploring the possibilities of what a FedEx job can offer you it is certainly worth creating your own profile which will provide you with all the job information you need as well as being present on the FedEx database so they can keep you alerted to some great employment and career opportunities.