Citibank Jobs

One of the world’s major international banks, Citibank is the consumer banking division of Citigroup Inc. Although Citibank has a large global presence, over half its branches are in the United States making it the third largest bank in America. Despite the current economic climate creating a difficult environment for financial institutions, Citibank jobs and careers openings are still available across an array of different areas including jobs in consumer banking, commercial banking and investment advisory services.

Citibank has hundreds of thousands of employees working in a diverse variety of job roles. Whether you are looking for your first job in the finance sector as a Citibank teller, or already have the experience and qualifications for a more specialized role, with such a large number of job positions in a wide range of areas, you can be sure that Citibank can offer you a rewarding job with real career prospects.

Bank Teller Jobs at Citibank

A job in consumer banking at one of Citibank’s thousands of branches is a good way to start your career in the finance sector. The entry level position at a Citibank branch is as a bank teller. As a bank teller you are the face of the bank and the main point of contact for Citibank customers. As such you need to have a friendly, professional demeanour in this kind of job and a good knowledge of banking standards and conduct in order to give sound financial advice.

Day to day responsibilities for a Citibank teller include processing payments and deposits for account holders, ensuring the branches balance for the day is correct, stocking and maintaining ATMs, issuing various forms of currency including cash, traveler’s and cashier’s checks, and providing information and advice to existing and potential Citibank customers about products such as checking accounts.

Citibank teller jobs typically require candidates to possess a high school diploma, a solid grasp of math and the ability to provide excellent service to Citibank customers. Previous banking experience will of course help you secure a job but it is not essential by any means and training is provided, usually on the job. Bank teller jobs have good career potential, with the possibilities of promotion into jobs such as financial advisor, loan officer and managerial positions.

Citibank Careers

As well as working within a Citibank branch there is also a vast range of other Citibank jobs in all sorts of different areas such as roles in credit or business management, marketing, credit operations, marketing, or human resources, to name but a few.  If you are considering a career in one of these areas then you will require the relevant qualifications and, depending on the job, the necessary experience, to be successful in your Citibank job application.

As a truly global corporation, a career with Citibank offers the potential to work all over the world with a diverse selection of different clients as part of one of the world’s biggest financial networks.

Citibank provides a comprehensive university program, so if you are studying at college or have already graduated then it is worth considering an internship or a placement to get your career in the world of finance of the ground. Citibank attend colleges around the United States where you can learn more about the job positions to suit your ambitions and skills – you can check when there is a recruitment visit at your college via the Citibank careers website.

Applying for a Citibank Job

The application process for a job at Citibank can vary somewhat depending on the specific sector and position you are applying for, but the Citi careers website is a good place place to get started, whatever job you are interested in. From the careers section of the Citi website you can find in-depth job descriptions, browse currently available positions and learn more about a job or career at Citibank with a selection of video tours.

You can also create your own job search profile – fill in your details along with information such as the type of Citibank job you are interested, the locations you are able to work in, etc and you can let the Citibank job search do all the hard work for you – keeping you posted on suitable jobs as and when they become available. Whether you are just getting your career in the financial sector started, or already have experience and are looking for a new challenge, a job with Citibank can lead on to a satisfying and fulfilling career.