Bank of America Jobs

Bank of America is the biggest bank in the country and the fifth largest company in America. With clients in hundreds of countries across the globe and an employee count of over a quarter of a million, Bank of America offers a fantastic range of jobs and careers in a range of different employment positions. From jobs in retail banking or credit cards through to investment banking and management, if you are seeking a job or career in the financial sector, Bank of America offers you a world of opportunities.

As well as being a major domestic financial institution, Bank of America is also a truly global corporation with employees in countries around the world. Broadly speaking Bank of America’s main operations can be split into five different sectors each offering their own range of jobs and careers. Global Consumer & Small Business banking offers banking services to individuals and small businesses. Global Banking & Markets focuses on investments, assets, pensions, etc.  Global Technology provides the network and infrastructures such as online banking and ATMs. Finally there is the corporate division where areas such as internal finance, marketing, legal and marketing as to be found.

Bank of America Employment

There is such a large number of different employment opportunities available at Bank of America that it would be impossible to list every single job position on offer, so below is a brief summary of some of the different openings available. This section looks at entry level Bank of America Jobs in consumer banking. If you already have experience in banking jobs, or are looking for employment in a different area of the business then have a look at the careers section below which explores some of the different Bank of America Careers opportunities.

Bank of America has over six thousand retail banking outlets which require employees working in various positions including tellers (sometimes referred to as cashiers), financial advisors – providing advice and information to clients about the various mortgage and credit services available, and managers who are responsible for the branches financial performance and service standards.

A job as a Bank of America bank teller is a great way to make your first steps into a banking career. Bank tellers are, for most consumers, the ‘face’ of Bank of America. Helping customers with their transactions and queries, a teller has to provide a high level of customer service. Other responsibilities in this job include loss prevention (such as identifying counterfeit money), issuing items such as cashier’s or traveler’s checks, balancing the cash drawers and loading the ATMs. If you are considering applying as a teller at Bank of America, you will typically need a high school diploma. Experience isn’t necessary and training is usually provided ‘on the job’. As well as this teller jobs can offer flexible hours in part time positions.

As an advisor you will be supporting individuals and small businesses with their finances, including mortgages and loans. You will need to be well versed in the technicalities of the services offered and to be fair and responsible when offering lending and credit services. This position offers good career prospects and can lead on to a job as a mortgage broker or loan officer.

Bank of America Careers

Wherever your talents lies, with Bank of America you will find a range of possibilities to help your broaden your skills and further your career. Starting with a bank branch job (as covered in the section above) is a good way to get started if you are new to the financial world and just getting started. It is possible to rise up to a management level from one of these positions and from there your career options can branch out further with the possibility of moving to a job position in one of Bank of America’s various different divisions.

If you already have banking experience, or have the necessary qualifications then there are a multitude of different career paths to pick from depending on what area you wish to specialize in. Corporate careers at Bank of America can be roughly narrowed down to – Human resources, Group Finance, Marketing & Corporate Affairs, Risk Management, Corporate Workplace Management and Legal. Within each of these areas there is a diverse selection of job openings to choose from – whatever you combination of experience, skills and qualifications there is more likely a perfect job position there for you, the biggest difficultly can be finding it! See the application section below for advice on how to narrow down your job search to the positions that suit you.

For college graduates and undergraduates, Bank of America offers internships which can arm you with the training and experience to match your ambition. The best way to learn more about these positions and speak to a representive is to attend a Bank of America visit campus visit. These recruitment events take place at colleges up and down the country and you can find out when there is an event near you via the Bank of America careers website.

Applying for Bank of America Jobs & Careers

Being such a large corporation it can sometimes seem slightly overwhelming knowing where to start when trying to find a Bank of America job to apply for. The best place to begin your search is at the Bank of America Careers site where you can find information which covers a various number of job positions in details.

At the Bank of America Careers site you will also find a job search facility where you can browse current job openings and filter your search results by criteria such as job area, geographic area, full/part time and so on. You can also apply for a job directly through the site and be alerted to newly available jobs as and when they become available.